Monday, October 10, 2016

Morning at the Farm

Made friends with the donkey

She wouldn't walk with her shoes on..

Sooo happy we took off her shoes 

Love that my sister moved back up here :D

Really just wants to play with rocks always

I snuggle and she spits :)

Choker: Friday Faves  Jeans: American Eagle 

So I'm a summer girl through and through, but I have to say, fall really grew on me when I lived in Utah (probably because it's the only time of the year with mild temperatures haha). But I'm really into all the fall colors and activities that go along with the season now. We took Hailey to a farm for their fall toddler days where she got to play on tractors, pet animals, and just run around.

Of course, all she really wanted to do was play with the rocks, but isn't that how it always goes? :) We got to go with my mom and sister, so a fun girls day out. I love living so close to both of them! 

Can't wait to take Hailey to a pumpkin patch (or 2 or 3) now that she'll wear shoes! :)

Sunday, October 2, 2016



Love the bond these two have :) 

So out after the hike. Love our Osprey pack

So much happening

This week has been full of adventure and a lot of playtime, as well as a lot of relaxing and hanging out. TJ took the week off of work for a staycation and it has been a blast! Sometimes it's nice to just have a whole week of family time right at home :)

We hiked to Cherry Creek Falls, went swimming a few times, went to the dog park, played outside, relaxed inside, and just enjoyed having dad home all week! It looks like we're about to hit the rainy season here in Washington so it was perfect timing. Now to plan our next vacation ;)

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

pastel pink hair

I've been wanting pink hair for about 2 years now and I finally decided to go for it! It's temporary, but I love how it turned out! :) Trying to decide if I should add more in or change up the color? We'll see!

Hope you all had a great Fourth of July! Will post pics of our fun day soon!

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Hawaii Part 3

Hiking down!

Amazing flavored lemonade! Mine was guava and orange. 

My favorite leggings.

Above the clouds!

My leggings: Albion Fit / My shirt: Who, What, Wear

Sorry for the super long post!! But this was a super long, awesome, adventurous day!

We drove the North Shore road and our first stop was the blowhole. Hailey was asleep and my mom had been there a few times before so she stayed in the car with her while we hiked down to see it in action! It's pretty cool and goes off every couple minutes.  I definitely recommend it if you can find it :)

Then we stopped for some delicious flavored lemonades somewhere in the middle of the drive in a cute little town. Then, farther down the road, we stopped at Tiffany's restaurant for lunch. The salmon was really good! Then a quick shave ice stop of course.. Then we made it to the rainforest! It was seriously amazing! I kept feeling like I was going to see a dinosaur emerge from the trees like in Jurassic Park :) 

Then we headed off to Haleakala (the volcano!) and drove all the way to the top. It's seriously one of my favorite places because you are above the clouds! It's pretty amazing. We were going to stay for sunset and then see the stars but Hailey was struggling with the chill and the elevation so we decided to head back down and got some more food (of course). It was an awesome day and we all definitely slept well that night!

Hawaii Part 2

Here are just a few pics from our third day in Hawaii. We obviously had to make a shave ice stop (and every day after too..). TJ and I used to live around the corner from the best shave ice place in Utah and we would eat it all summer long and we seriously can't find any close by up here in Washington so we were SO excited about it haha. 

Of course we had to see the Banyan tree too, on it's 143rd birthday ;) And we brought this little kiddie pool from our condo to help keep the sand off of little miss Hailey. Sand is annoyingly hard to get off of babies we found worked out pretty well :) She had a great time.