December 12, 2017

Nuroo Necessities

Okay first of all, who's excited for Christmas?? I can't believe it's only 2 weeks away! Today I've teamed up with Nuroo to show you guys some of my favorite baby and toddler necessities. Hailey and Miles both wouldn't sleep unless they were swaddled  at night (until they could roll over of course) And I am literally the worst swaddler. Like the worst ever. So when I discovered that there were swaddles that had velcro and were basically fool proof, I was super on board. That's basically all we used for Hailey and Miles so I highly recommend them! 

Nuroo's swaddlers are pretty awesome because they grow with your baby! I'm sure you guys have seen that Miles is basically the size of a 10 month old haha so he was too long for all of his swaddlers, but still wanted to be swaddled at night. I was quickly realizing people don't make swaddlers that size for young babies, and was stuck trying to swaddle him the old fashioned way. Then I saw that Nuroo's have an extension at the bottom that is super easy to take out when your baby is tall enough! So Miles still fits into these ones. Thank goodness haha. Also I love the cute, clean designs. Love when something is functional and cute :)

I also love their multi-use covers! I use it for Miles' carseat everyday. Please tell me I'm not the only one that doesn't want random strangers at the grocery store kissing my baby, touching my baby, putting their nose on my baby's's super weird what people think is acceptable with babies haha. Anyways, don't love that and especially during flu season, I'm ultra paranoid. I used to use a blanket as a carseat cover for Hailey but these are SO much better haha. They are stretchy, breathable, and easy to use. And you can also use them for your toddler around the seat of the cart so they aren't touching all of the germs of whoever else used it that day. And in Hailey's case, she can put her snacks on it 👍 

I'm holding a giveaway for a swaddle and a carseat cover on my Instagram if you would like to enter!  Perfect for new mommas, mommas to be, or as a gift! If you just can't wait, use code LIVEFRECKLED for 20% off your purchase!

*This post was sponsored by Nuroo, however all opinions and experiences are my own. I really do use these things everyday!

November 22, 2017

Matching Beanies

So I kind of love matching with Hailey...I'm one of those moms haha. But seriously aren't these beanies so cute?? And they're only $11 for both and come in 6 different colors! Thanks Amazon, you truly are the best. 

Also Hailey was soo happy to get to play outside today. We went out when there was a break in the rain and it actually wasn't too cold out. Of course we quickly found the flooded areas of the yard and as per usual my little water baby couldn't stay out of them :) So I let her play for a little bit until she got cold and then we went inside (even though she strongly protested 😅). I love our outdoor adventures and hope we can figure out how to do more of them even though it's seriously just down pouring here like 98% of the time lately...any ideas??

We're excited for Thanksgiving tomorrow! Anyone have any fun traditions?


November 12, 2017

Mama Bear

Miles was over taking pics haha

Shirt: Cleo Madison / Leggings: Target / Shoes: Charlotte Rousse (old, similar)

I completely forgot to post these pics of Miles at one month old! I firmly believe that babies should be dressed in bear clothes as often as possible haha because it's so dang cute!! And of course I had to kind of match with this Mama Bear shirt that I am LOVING from Cleo Madison! It's superrrr soft and comfy and they have lots of other cute things in their shop as well!

Here are a few of my other favorites:

This tie dye dress
This navy floral dress
This striped dress that would be perfect for maternity!

Let me know if you get anything from them! I love seeing everyone's style :)

Have a great day everyone!