May 17, 2017

Some of my favorite things :)

This Zebra picture from Ikea (similar) with some gorgeous fresh flowers! Love this corner of our house

Um hi my favorite gelato from France that happens to now be available in Las Vegas! 

Washington just has flowers blooming like crazy right now! With no help from myself haha

I love matching hair and kisses from my baby girl :) Or in this case, rejected kisses haha 

My favorite booties of all time! Got them for Mother's Day thanks to my sweet husband :) Pink and floral, seriously dying over here. 

Just checking in from Vegas sharing a few of my favorite things currently! What are you guys loving right now?? I'd love to hear!

May 8, 2017

Pink Skirt

Shirt (Similar) / Skirt (SimilarSimilar)

Ok so I wasn't sure about the whole skirt over the bump look but I actually really like it! Although this skirt will probably fit me for approximately one more day haha. I had my 24 week apt today and everything is looking great!

I can't believe baby boy will be here so soon :) Also that glucose drink is nasty..I don't remember it being that gross..glad that's over with. Still undecided on a name..

Thanks for stopping by!! :)

May 2, 2017

Weekday Look

Shirt: Target / Maternity Jeans: H&M / Shoes: Forever 21 (Similar) / Diaper Bag: Fawn Design

Being five months pregnant, the name of the game for me in my weekday wear (and let's be real, my weekend wear too) is comfort. I don't know if you're a texture person like me but everything that I'm wearing is superrr soft. Like I could sleep in it. Probably will. Anyways, standard uniform for running errands with a toddler for me currently: H&M maternity jeans, a flowy soft top, comfy sneakers or boots, and of course my amazing Fawn Design diaper bag!

I've been through 3 different diaper bags and this is hands down the most amazing bag. Not sponsored, I'm just obsessed. Probably going to get the mini black one soon :) 

As for a pregnancy update, I'm almost 23 weeks so getting close to the third trimester! I crave tater tots on the daily and anything spicy. Especially spicy tacos. A little different from Hailey, where all I wanted were chocolate milkshakes haha. Still haven't landed on a baby boy name so if you have any ideas, send them over please!

Thanks for stopping by! :)