November 14, 2016

Live Infinitely

We are big hammock people. I still remember camping with TJ before we were married and he insisted on sleeping in his hammock overnight (he got SO cold haha). And we have the perfect hammock trees in our backyard and have tried out numerous hammocks. I've found that most are too heavy or too complicated to take down and put up often, which is necessary, being that it rains all the time here.

Hailey is OBSESSED with hammocks. If we have one hung up, she wants to be in it. Immediately. Forever. Haha she's opinionated. We finally found this lightweight hammock that is, seriously, so easy to put up and take down. It compacts into two tiny bags that make it easy to throw into the backpack for the day or store in our closet for the next sunny day. It's also really high quality. The biggest bonus for us... it's really easy to clean!! The dirt just rolls off, so that's a win in my book :) 

We're a little obsessed over here (see Hailey's face in the pics for reference) :) so we want to do a giveaway, in honor of all happy hammock babies everywhere! Head on over to our Instagram for a chance to win a hammock of your own! 

And if you don't win, use code FALLSALE for 10% off your purchase! Live Infinitely also sells exercise equipment, apparel, etc. so check them out if you're interested! 

*Thanks to Live Infinitely for sponsoring this post! 

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