May 31, 2017

Summertime Date Night

Top: Tobi / Jeans: Gap (Maternity Version Here) / Shoes: Sold Out (Similar) / Gold Choker: Sold Out (Similar) / Hat: Similar

As you guys know, I'm all about everything loose and flowy right now. Especially with this heat wave we've had and being 27 weeks I put together this cute summertime date night idea that would work for anyone, pregnant or not! This shirt is lightweight and sooo comfortable and soft, perfect for an evening out to dinner, or stroll along the beach. It could actually even be a cute swim cover up :) I'm also loving the layered choker/necklace trend going on right now. And obviously, everything in gold :) The longer necklace was a present from TJ on our anniversary! 

As for being 27 weeks pregnant, I survived the glucose test, LOVE feeling baby boy kicking and moving around constantly (we're going to have another hyper one haha), am starting to get pretty uncomfortable when I sleep, and still don't have a name decided on! I also learned that I'm iron deficient, so any suggestions on good, iron rich recipes would be welcome :) And I still crave spicy tacos all the time. And randomly, lately I've been craving tootsie we now have a ginormous bag of why do they even sell bags that big haha. We're in the process of moving Hailey to her new room (the bigger room) and setting up baby's room! It's a process, but it's been fun! We're thinking baby's room is going to be wild animal or woodland creature themed..not totally sure yet but I've definitely been on Pinterest a lot ;) And Hailey's new room is all about whites, grays, and splashes of color. I'll show pics when we're done!

Anyways...anyone have any fun summer plans? I'd love to hear them all! Thanks for stopping by! :)

All photos by Lovestone Photo.

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