June 6, 2017

The Comfiest Sweatshirt

The Softest Hoodie: Tobi / White Jeans: Gap (Maternity Version here) / Sandals: Sold Out

This is probably the comfiest, softest sweatshirt I've ever owned. And that's saying something because anyone who knows me knows that I basically collect hoodies haha. Anyways, I've worn this more times than I care to admit since I got it and I just thought I'd share how amazing it is!

I also just went in for my 28 week appointment and I brought Hailey with me for the first time. She was adorable and clingy, so the doctors and nurses had to do everything with her on top of me basically haha. It was pretty funny, but also pretty cute :)  I love how snuggly she is! They also had me schedule out all my doctors appointments until delivery so that kind of put it into perspective! I don't have too long left! So crazy :) Anyways, thanks for stopping by!!

All photos by Lovestone Photo.

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