July 25, 2017

Maternity Pictures + Update

Hailey decided to take a swim :) 

Dress: Called to Surf (can also find it here) / Floral Crown: Forever 21

So I am officially 35 weeks pregnant now! I can't believe that we're to the final few weeks! I'm definitely feeling 8 months pregnant haha. Baby is still doing great and Hailey has just as much (if not more?) energy as ever so right now I'm grateful for warm summer days, fenced in backyards, kiddie pools, a wonderful husband, friends, and family who are all super helpful :) And also naps. And Zootopia. Still haven't quite gotten baby's room ready but that's next on the list. 

We like a couple names now but decided we're just going to wait until he's born and then decide..might be risky, but it seems like we're not going to know until we see him :) I'm about to get my hospital bag ready, and when I do, I'll do a little post about what all I'm bringing. I love to see what other people put in their bags, and I'm definitely packing differently this time from last time. I seriously don't think I even opened my bag last time. Except to get The Office DVDs out haha. I start having doctors appointments once a week this next week so it seems like it's coming up so soon! We seriously can't wait to meet this little guy :) 

Thanks for stopping by! If anyone has any suggestions for a hospital bag, or anything you loved having, let me know! :) 

All photos by the amazing Lovestone Photo!

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