November 22, 2017

Matching Beanies

So I kind of love matching with Hailey...I'm one of those moms haha. But seriously aren't these beanies so cute?? And they're only $11 for both and come in 6 different colors! Thanks Amazon, you truly are the best. 

Also Hailey was soo happy to get to play outside today. We went out when there was a break in the rain and it actually wasn't too cold out. Of course we quickly found the flooded areas of the yard and as per usual my little water baby couldn't stay out of them :) So I let her play for a little bit until she got cold and then we went inside (even though she strongly protested 😅). I love our outdoor adventures and hope we can figure out how to do more of them even though it's seriously just down pouring here like 98% of the time lately...any ideas??

We're excited for Thanksgiving tomorrow! Anyone have any fun traditions?


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